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We care about the health and quality of life of your puppy long term! So we have put our top recommendations for all things food, toys, and grooming right here. We hope this can help you take care of your beautiful new addition to the family.


There are five dog food brands we recommend, based on resesarch and experience:

- Hills Science Diet

- Eukanuba

- Iams

- Royal Canin

- Purina Pro-Plan "Savor"

We do not recommend feeding grain free dog food. In recent studies of GF dog food, a correlation is showing between the GF dog food and taurine deficient/DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy). Ther is a list of vegetables that must be avoided, those being: potatoes (both regular and sweet), ALL beans, pea, or lentils. These vegetables cause the dog to not be able to absorb taurine. Leading to DCM, which is fatal.

ALWAYS check any dog food you buy for both grain free, and those harmful vegetables. Other foods to avoid feeding: chocolate, grapes, garlic, and onions.



When selecting toys for your puppy, we only recommend Nylabones and Kongs. Rawhide can get slippery and swell from the saliva, and get stuck in your Havi-Poo's throat, even in stick form or bone shape. There are two more types of alternative toys they can chew, with a little supervision. These are rope/tug-o-war toys with your puppy because they can and will shred and strip the rope and swallow them, this in turn twists up in their intestines, and can also be fatal.

Side note: If you have rocks around your hard, please try to keep the dogs away from rocks. They may eat them, and end up having a blockage and or need surgery. If not caught in time, this could be fatal.


Potty Training

These dogs are extremely intelligent, and will potty train easily in the first 3 months with consistency. In the beginning it is very important to remain consistent with your Havi-Poo's training, because they are learning their new "job" and forming lifelong habits. When you first bring your Havi-Poo home, take them out every 15-20 minutes. This helps them forst this pattern to understand going outside versus going inside. This helps your puppy have less accidents inside.

We have had great success with bells attached to the door our Havi-Poo uses to go outside, as they learn, the sound will be a trigger for going out every time, which will alert you as well that they are now asking to go out.



Grooming is an important task to take on with any dog, but especially so with out Lagotti, as their hair easily grows long and wild. Below is our recommendation on the correct head grooming for these beautiful dogs.


Get in Touch

Interested? Please reach out via email or phone number to ask us about this beautiful breed of dog!

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